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January 31, 2020

Benefits of Digital Advertising

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Benefits of Digital Advertising

From email campaigns to Adwords, the sphere of digital advertising is a broad church, and the benefits are manifold. Every company worth its salt looks to digital advertising with a careful eye. The benefits of digital marketing as a whole are of course becoming more prevalent every day, with a rapidly growing technology sector that helps digital marketers make an impact for their clients.

More and more consumers are researching and buying products digitally, the old ways of heading out to stores are diminishing rapidly, with online shopping becoming the most popular form. According to Forbes, 82% of consumers conduct research online. And, Tech Crunch reports that 79% of people shop online. That is a massive market, and one Teckler has long been helping clients tap into.

In this post, we explore the seven benefits of why digital advertising helps your business.

Top 7 Benefits of Digital Advertising for Businesses

The benefits of advertising both traditionally and digitally are of course various, but with digital advertising, the potentials have increased far greater than ever before. In the world of digital marketing, the focus on advertising has taken pride of place. Giving you the ability to get a creative and truly interactive ad that garners a great return on investment.

  1. You Can Target a Wide Audience

Social Media advertising has become one of the easiest and most popular ways for a business to target a broader audience. The right digital advertising strategies will pay particular interest to advertise on social media platforms. Social media is where you can explore a broad sweep of potential customers, with the likes of Twitter and Facebook no longer being the preserve of tweens and teens, but instead a digital microcosm of society, with different ages, backgrounds, and interest all ripe for the picking.

  1. Great Access to Data

Different digital advertising campaigns offer different access to real-time data and insights, giving you a better heads up on just what your business health is really like. The increasing popularity of social media, beginning with MySpace, back in the day, has led to numerous social media platforms being born, and with the rise of smartphones, the app has given a new lease of life to this already widely used system of communicating. If you place an add on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you get data updates there and then.

  1. Digital Advertising is Constantly Improving

When it comes to social media, we constantly see improvements almost every month, Facebook is a prime example of how a social media platform pays close attention to their advertising tools. With these improvements, you are able to get a more effective campaign.

  1. You Are in Control

Digital advertising for small and big businesses is beneficial in numerous ways, but the biggest benefit is the ability to put you in control. Unlike traditional advertising where once a campaign is initiated, be it through TV, radio or billboard advertising it is near impossible to change, and completely impossible to not shell out more money if you do need to change anything. With digital advertising you are in control, if a PPC (Pay Per Click) ad is not working, then it can be easily changed. At Tickler, we structure our digital advertising campaigns so that they can be easily maintained and changed if need be.

  1. Tapping into Previously Untapped Markets

Digital and mobile marketing are two peas in a pod. With digital advertising geared towards mobiles, it allows you to reach your audience on the go, whenever and wherever they are online. The digital arena is a particularly awesome place to attract the all-important Millennial and Generation Z market.

It is these two generations that, according to numerous studies that mobile phones are the perfect place for Generation Z and Millennials to see relevant ads. The other result obtained from these studies found that nearly half of all typical smartphone users have taken action based on seeing relevant ads on their mobile phones.

It is becoming increasingly clear that advertising for smartphones is more effective than traditional web browsing. When it comes to Facebook advertising, the click-through rate for Facebook News Feed ads is on average 10% higher for mobile than desktop and studies also found that it produces a cost-per-click that was 61% lower than on desktop.  Due to the broadening of responsive design technology, this means that you need to engage in another campaign in order to reach the mobile market. The key to success in mobile advertising is that you begin maximizing from the start, and that is simply done by making sure that your emails, landing pages, and content pieces translate smoothly across all devices.

  1. Reach a Global Market

One of the obvious and by far greatest benefits of digital advertising is the ability to reach a truly global market. From the UK to USA, France to Dubai, with PPC, Facebook and other social media ads, you can tailor any ad to reach any global market you wish. The ability to trade globally is not reaching in today’s rapidly transforming world of digital advertising, where even the smallest business can achieve this dream.

  1. Rapid Conversion Rate

A benefit to having a website where your business is interactive means that you have increased by nearly 90%, your chance of making sales quickly and efficiently. Unlike with traditional companies where a customer would either have to make a call, fill out a physical form or go to a physical location, a website cuts out all hurdles that would have previously made sales difficult. Sorting out the right digital advertising strategies will enable you to get increase traffic, by the right kind of customers.

Creating the Right Strategy

In conclusion, the benefits that digital advertising possesses is vast, but it all depends on choosing the right strategy, at Teckler, we have created bespoke campaigns for a wide variety of businesses in numerous fields, each has achieved record-breaking success. Why is this? Well, it all boils down to the fact that there are different digital advertising campaigns, there is no one size fits all consensus. The advantages of carefully creating the right campaign literally make or break.

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