Cars Knowledge

Case Study

Cars Knowledge was another one of our clients that were struggling to make a significant impact in what is an extremely competitive industry. They approached us in the Spring of 2019 with a goal to increasing their sites visibility and reputation. We at Teckler devised a strategy which included our SEO and blogging team to help Cars Knowledge become a go-to industry thought leader.

In Brief

When Cars Knowledge initially approached Teckler, they were keen to increase traffic first of all and their prime goal was to initiate a brand philosophy redevelopment plan. After our meeting, it was clear to us that more needed to be done in order to get Cars Knowledge the right exposure and build a greater reputation.

What We Did

Over a period of 6 months, we enacted a strategy that took Cars Knowledge initial philosophy of being a thought leader, which car enthusiasts would gravitate to, and built upon that. This included a creative SEO strategy that brought together a range of elements including blogging, on site optimization and link building.

Piece by piece our strategy, once initiated, increased site traffic by 140%. To achieve this,we included –

  • Daily blogging services
  • Increasing positive backlinks
  • Clearing away spam and redundant links
  • Liaising with industry leaders
  • Constructing a unique brand voice
  • Developing brand awareness through Paid Social
  • Extending meta descriptions

I was so happy with what Teckler did for my website. I have worked in the car industry for over 10 years and wanted to start a blog where I could reach thousands of others who had the same knowledge and passion as I had, Teckler worked with that and now I’m hundreds of unique visitors a day.

Jamie Jevons | Website Owner


Cars Knowledge