Mr Shower Head

Case Study

Mr Shower Head is a brand that really within in its own unique niche. In the summer of 2019, Mr Shower Head came to Teckler to increase exposure and devise a content strategy that would build brand awareness and reputation. A relatively new site that was launched in the summer of the previous year, Teckler continues to work with Mr Shower Head in creating data driven content with good backlinks.

In Brief

Our SEO team, along with our pool of expert writers, put together a plan that focused predominantly on brand reputation, organic traffic and industry awareness, with a goal to becoming a trusted source for businesses and consumers alike.

How We Did It

When Mr Shower Head first came to Teckler, although the site had been gaining traffic through backlinks and the site owners own PR strategy, which involved reaching out directly to companies etc, we had to treat the site as if it had been launched the day before. So, our SEO team came up with a “quick start” strategy, which involved –

  • Daily blog posts
  • On and off site optimization
  • SEO key-word planning
  • A backlink strategy
  • Studying their site’ algorithms

Since working with us, Mr Shower Head has become an industry thought leader, with thousands of customers heading to their site each month.

What They Say

Teckler’s SEO strategy has given us exceptional exposure. When I started this site, I never thought it would become so respected and so loved by people, this all thanks to Teckler.

Martin Ziegler | Owner of Mr Shower Head

Mr Shower Head