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Case Study

Peachy Essay came to us in the winter of 2017, they had gone through an internal restructuring process and were looking to expand the list of services they offered to students and academics alike. With such a saturated market, it was difficult for them to promote themselves and set their business apart from their peers in the industry. Over a period of 10 months, Teckler orchestrated a large scale SEO and web development plan that increased their profits by 114%, a collaborative SEO strategy also saw Peachy Essay gain far greater organic traffic, which is continuing to drive their business up in the industry to this day, and increased their reputation in the industry at large.

In Brief

For Peachy Essay, we brought together our SEO and Web Development team who devised a plan to drive traffic to their site on a month-by-month basis and re-develop their website to fall in with their brands new philosophy.

How We Did It

With any company in any industry who are expanding their remit of services, added to that expounding a new philosophy it was a daunting task to ensure they didn’t set themselves back two paces, as can often happen in such a competitive market. So, we knew our plan had to be intense and secure a set of goals that we would be able to achieve in a relatively short space of time.

• Daily traffic monitoring
• Daily blogging services
• A 360 degree web development plan that included full site restructuring
• A newly revised blogger fact sheet
• Link building services

Over the next 10 months, we also included –

• A full site audit
• In-depth competitor analysis
• On-page optimization
• Extracting poor quality links
• Evaluating and extending meta descriptions

We smashed our initial goals that we had set out for Peachy Essay and the results were outstanding.

What They Say

Thanks to Teckler’s comprehensive SEO and Web Development strategy, our site’s performance has drastically improve and we are still seeing an increase in traffic and securing customers from around the world

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Peachy Essay


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