Content Creation

At Teckler, we know the meaning of words and that quality content is a crucial part of any on-going digital marketing campaign and our content marketing creation service is second to none. Our content marketing strategies are designed to generate high quality content for your site on a regular basis, be it for technical writing, affiliate, informational articles and reviews. Our team of expert content writers have years of experience writing awesome and eye-catching content for our clients across many different industry sectors and subjects.

We pride ourselves on producing a high quality and unique content writing service that is proven to be at the very heart of any digital marketing strategy.

 A Rundown of What We Offer

  • Technical Writing:We identify topics and help you optimise your website. We can also advise on the optimal content structure with categories and tags. With technical writing, we assign a writer who has, at a minimum, a B.A degree level on a specific subject related to your industry.
  • Affiliate Writing: A cornerstone of digital marketing, our affiliate writing service is geared towards creating extra revenue for your business. We assign writers who have the best knowledge and a proven track record of creating engaging and affiliate centric content.
  • Informational Writing:Based around your business and its industry, we can help brainstorm topics and content ideas that have an academic edge. For informational writing, we assign writers who have worked predominantly in the academic sphere.
  • Reviews: Writing reviews is one of the most attractive and fun forms of content writing service we offer. We assign you writers who know how to pack a punch and go that extra mile to write a tabloid worthy review.

Through our experience working with various clients, we recommend adding new content to your site at least once per week.

The content we provide is always based on notes from our initial meeting and further from the extensive research we take into your sites affiliated industry.

Teckler’s editing and proofing process

All good digital marketing companies should know the value the editing and proofreading and at Teckler we always edit and proofread any content our writers create, we also endeavour to source suitable media from places such as Dreamstime et al.

At Teckler we always adhere to the notion of collaboration, and we can happily publish content supplied by you or other parties (such as guest writers), along those written by our awesome team. We also handle all technical aspects of the publication (making sure it fits your site’s format).

If you do not have a blog on your site, we strongly advise that you install one and use it as your main content publishing platform. A blog serves as a very easy and convenient way of adding new content in a structured way, it also helps in keeping your site fresh and continually updated.

Our Writers

 At Teckler we work with a team of some of the UK’s best content writers for our content marketing strategies. Each writer has fostered a successful career penning content for businesses and media outlets across the world, from the UK to Germany, USA to Dubai. We are privileged to have a broad and diverse team of writers at our disposal.

After an initial conversation with us, we work hard to assign the appropriate writer, then we work on producing a content plan, consisting of titles and subject which our chosen writer/writers will then work on for as long as you wish.