Digital PR

Whether it’s a simple tune up or a from scratch PR campaign to get your business noticed, then Teckler are here to help.

What Is Digital PR

So, what’s the score with digital PR? Well, to put it simply, digital PR is an online marketing strategy used by businesses, individuals, small and large brands, basically everyone who wants to increase their online presence.

Our digital PR services are thorough and diverse, in order to get your brand the attention it needs we network with journalists, bloggers and influencers, as well as send online press releases to gain high-quality backlinks, social media mentions and vastly improve your SEO.

How We Do It

As a digital PR agency, Teckler have devised the best online solutions for getting your site and your brand out there, if you have something newsworthy, say a new product, new CEO or an exciting new project, then our top PR marketing services are just the ticket.

In a few short years, Teckler became the UK’s top PR agency, blending traditional PR methods with digital sensibilities. Ever excited by the new, we have remained on the cusp of public relations in the digital sphere.

So, how do we do it? Well, we always think big, we have a roster of top online influences in our little black book, from individuals to media outlets, we create the buzz you need to bring your brand into a completely new world.

From the technical to networking, Teckler engages with many tools and uses many methods to craft the most robust digital marketing campaign you’ve ever had.

  • Collaboration: We collaborate heavily with numerous influences, which includes bloggers, vloggers, media and news outlets, connections are a key in a successful digital marketing campaign.
  • News Feeds: We continually keep our eyes on the news feeds out there, monitoring daily the latest trends and concepts.
  • Writing: Our team of digital PR experts have years of experience in designing and writing press releases, along with this we publish and promote across all the major social networks, including Twitter and Facebook as well as media outlets both big and small.
  • Audience Engagement: Don’t think Teckler just handles the big guys, we engage with audiences and potential consumers as well, getting in touch directly through our campaigns.
  • Targeted Campaigns: Sometimes, a unique targeted campaign will satisfy for your PR needs and Teckler can fashion together some of the most effective nuanced campaigns that get to the root of your idea/product et al with a goal to increasing sales.

PR, especially in the busy world of the web, where news and info comes thick and fast, can be a headache, so at Teckler, we take away the pressure and craft a stunningly effective campaign that will increase brand awareness, your site’s traffic and broaden your customer base. Our top PR marketing services blend all the unique aspects of traditional PR and digital PR, creating something that is both fresh and rooted in the traditions of public relations, which have stood the test of time over the years.