Optimizing the World of Words

Our intent marketing services are all about the power of words. The idea of intent marketing is centered around the world of smashing traditional marketing and realizing that selling a product, or indeed selling a website, to a potential market is about guidance over direct and often harsh selling. At Teckler, our intent marketing services analyze and investigate your site’s potential when it comes to words and word structure.

What We Do

At Teckler, we create a strategy where by we begin with the basics and work our way into the more technical and crucial aspects of your site’s content. Our goal is to navigate not dictate a potential clients pathway, once they have reached your site’s homepage. Remember, harsh selling and a general “pushy” manner will inevitably put a potential client off.

Our intent marketing service offers a 360 degree plan that utilizes all aspects of your site’s content, which includes every last word that appears at the front and back end of your site. Keyword ranking plays a crucial role in this strategy, we analyze and evaluate your key words to ensure that only those words with the most selling potential are left.

We also analyze and evaluate navigational (navigational keywords), informational (informational keywords) commercial investigation (commercial investigation keywords) transitional (transitional keywords). This is a full spectrum that is crucial to maintaining your site’s commercial appeal.

How It Works

Intent marketing is an understanding that the new digital customer base no longer follows that traditional linear pathway to securing a purchase. Today, the customer takes a variety of roots, which promotional and navigational content play a specifically important role. Your site needs strong intent in order for it to secure and nurture a growing customer base.

The ever present question of data is where it’s at for a business to better understand the intent of the consumer at large. At Teckler, our team of intent marketing experts channel their skills so that they align marketing to business outcomes.

Our philosophy at Teckler is that intent marketing should be about reaching the customer in the right moments, more organically than anything else. By analyzing and investigating what words fit and suit each page, each description etc, we are able to streamline your site into becoming a magnet for potential customer satisfaction.

Why Intent is So Important 

The way intent works is that it helps to clarify what is often quite confusing for a site owner to understand. Intent marketing takes the hassle out of juggling the selling aspect and clears up those unnecessary words, no matter what their intention, and gives a clearer message to any potential customers who visit your site.

At Teckler, we have worked on intent marketing strategies for numerous brands and individuals with high levels of success rates. Having worked at the forefront of contemporary digital marketing, we understand the right ways of getting a business the appropriate attention and navigating customers and business to business relationships with ease and success.