Local Search

Grab The Attention of the Locals

If you’re a traditional business or, as is increasingly the case today, an e-commerce business who wants to make local connections with customers and traders a like, then understanding the value of local searches is essential, as this represents a highly targeted potential customer base, who are actively looking for the services that you provide specifically in your area.

Not having this highly unique cluster as part of your website’s marketing strategy, means you’re losing out a vast potential for increasing revenue and recognition. At Teckler, we have the knowledge and the know how to help with this potential gold mine. As a leading local SEO service provider, we have worked with a number of businesses in a wide range of locations.

Our Local SEO services are handled by a team of experts who will analyze your current status in your local area and how effective you are. Once the analysis is complete, we help you to identify all the opportunities to improve and maintain your presence.

How We Do It

You can grow your company with local SEO in order to have a secure base of customers and at Teckler we offer a two pronged service that will secure you in the minds of local customers and businesses.

The Local Web

The first step to gearing your online presence to your local area is creating submissions to local directories. This we achieve by Yelp submissions, a Google map directory submission and other directories. Directory submissions are the sure fire way to create a local presence.

At Teckler we concentrate specifically on Google and Bing, as these two search engines represent 95% of all local searches. Think of it as investing in digital real estate,  Google and Bing represent the greatest potential for having your business discovered locally, more in fact than paid ads. Apple Maps too is something we don’t overlook, as the rise in voice activation tools, such as Siri and GPS devices make this integral for generating more interest.


This is the more technical angle that we work on, which involves setting up your presence using classified ads, getting citations from your business website in local digital magazines and newspapers and creating a consistency of algorithms. As citations form one of the key factors in getting the getting the big search engines to show your business in high realm of local search results.

Our local search services are all about garnering the right attention and getting your business ranking high in those crucial search engine results.