Mobile SEO

Unleash the Power!

At Teckler, we help you in releasing the power of search! In today’s world of digital expansion, having your site optimized for mobiles is essential, no matter what your business! Having the mobile optimized site will increase your traffic ten-fold.

Mastering the Mobile Web

  • Did you know, according to recent surveys conducted by Google and others, it was revealed that more than 80% of smartphone users access internet more than once a day. Teckler has long understood the increasing power of mobile SEO, as smartphones are used by everyone from school children to your granny, our team have devised countless mobile SEO strategies that work long term. That is why we have become the UK’s best mobile SEO agency.
  • Gone are the days when browsing on the mobile web was a novelty and niche market, in today’s world, if smartphone and tablet users aren’t finding your website then that leaves your business trailing way behind your competition.
  • Our team of SEO experts create a mobile version of your site that is optimized for iPhone / iPad, Android, Windows Phone and many other devices. Oh! And the site is just as beautiful as your full web site.
  • If you want a robust strategy Our mobile SEO/web design services can be leveraged on their own or as part of a comprehensive web development project
  • With Teckler at the helm, we will put your business head and shoulders above the competition, making your site rank top on the mobile web.

Mobile SEO Services

With such an exponential growth in the mobile subscriber base across the world, research shows that mobile web browsing will outperform normal desktop web browsing within a few short years. So, at Teckler we pay great attention to the progress mobile SEO is taking.

With voice activation also becoming an integral part of the mobile web, we conduct research into voice search keywords to figure out which is the most popular, so when the inevitable “OK Google!” is said, we want to get your site into those top search results.

Teckler’s mobile SEO services are structured in a way that they give total attention to detail, our responsive mobile site designs alone make it easier for potential customers to access your business on the small screen, without negating the uniqueness of your brand. To have your mobile compatible website listed on major search engines and local directories, it will give your business a wider reach for your relevant target audience.

Optimizing websites for mobile browsers now, will immediately put your site ahead of your competitors; potentially yielding a huge profit.

Style and Substance

Our SEO services offer you style and substance in equal measure! You don’t need to worry about having one without the other. Unlike many digital marketing companies who promise you the earth and don’t live up to expectations, Teckler delivers on its promises, our team have worked for many years at the forefront of mobile seo technology and they continue to do so.