On-Site Optimization

Helping You Thrive Online

Teckler’s on-site optimization service is the glue that holds your successful digital marketing campaign together. Optimizing your website and converting that into success involves a broad sweep of, which includes analyzing how your higher ranking competitors are achieving their rankings from the perspective of what is there in the immediate, as well as the more technical aspects of their website, which includes content, meta data, backlinks etc.

Every search engine pays attention to individual aspects of a page and thus where it should rank in search engine results. At Teckler, our team of SEO experts pay great attention to every detail, leaving no stone unturned.

What We Do 

At Teckler, we have utilized our knowledge and experience to create a tailored on-site optimization service which gives your site a 360 degree plan of action. From the simple visual aspects to the more technical points, we devise a strategy that works in tandem with search engines and what they look for to place your site to rank high in search results.

Teckler offers the best on-site services, delving far deeper into your site’s structure and overall identity than other on-site optimization providers.

On-site SEO services are essentially about quality, if your site is not quality driven, that is to say in terms of content, links, meta data etc, then search engines will see this and will be detrimental to your brand as a whole, as well as ranking capabilities.

Our on-site optimization service delves deep into your website structure, as well, we also sort out meta descriptions and title optimization.

To break it down, one of the key aspects of an on-site optimization strategy, is analyzing your competitor’s use of keywords, which falls into the main elements category of their top ranking page, with this, we are able to achieve a solid understanding of what makes this particular page rank so high.

Secondly, we analyze your use of keywords in the main elements of your ranking page. This is to assess the the group of keywords and their associated words.

The final stage is to identify that your site is not relying too heavily on one particular page, this is often the case with many websites, one page being the most successful and those site owners paying the greatest attention to that page, leaving everything else lagging behind.

At Teckler, we see it as essential that every page of your site, whether it be the blog pages, about page or terms and conditions page reach their full potential.