Paid Social

Teckler offers clients a superb data-driven approach to paid social, really emphasizing the individual at the center of a campaign, segmenting users by a wide range of factors from demographics to interests.

What is Paid Social

With technology driving the way when it comes to how we interact with each other, not just on a business to business level but in our everyday lives too, paid social has become an integral part of any digital marketing campaign worth its salt! At Teckler, we are social media wizards, with our finger on the pulse of all social media happenings. A lot of our team are what we would describe as “digital natives”, i.e. those who have spent their whole lives in the word of social media.

So, when it comes to paid social, it is really quite simple, we galvanize your already free social media accounts, such as a Facebook page, Pinterest and Twitter account, or indeed YouTube account (the latter is an exceptionally awesome tool that we recommend every business have) with sponsored content and advertising, which gives a real boost to your brand’s presence right across these platforms

How We Do It

Our paid search marketing is a 360-degree service that creates a buzz around your site and in the broader sense your brand. Think of us as your guides to the often-confusing world of social media. At Teckler, we assign our best and brightest social media marketers to your project.

Using tools like Google AdWords and Bing AdWords, we build your site’ presence on search engines too.

Pay Per Click

Our PPC campaigns offer an extensive service that increases revenue for your site, as well, it carefully builds your audience and potential customer base. Our Pay Per Click (PPC) services cover a rich array of social media and search engine platforms including –

  • Instagram: One of the increasingly popular social media sites that has seen many businesses flourish through astutely orchestrated PPC campaigns. Our Instagram marketing (advert + influencers) garners a huge potential for your business to reach the right people, mixing both organic and orchestrated coverage.
  • Facebook: Arguably the grand daddy of social media, a Facebook Campaign (Facebook advert) is the sure-fire way to create a flurry of interest, much of that organic, as word spreads very fast.
  • YouTube: The video sharing platform we at Teckler cannot praise highly enough, with on average 80 million clicks per day, our PPC campaigns concentrate highly on this.
  • Twitter: Twitter is an ever-evolving platform and one which Teckler is proud to work with, with an average user base that covers a broad spectrum from age to personalities, our campaigns reach millions of potential customers.
  • LinkedIn: If you’re any business that wants to make a splash, then LinkedIn is the place to be, more business to business, this is the place where leads and potential deals are made.