SEO Keyword Planning and Research

At Teckler, we believe that keyword research and planning should be the basis of any online marketing campaign. Our team of SEO experts have worked on many campaigns and many strategies for numerous clients and the goal has always remained simple, to find out what your target audience is searching and what it will take to actually rank for those keywords. Now of course, this is not quite as simple as it sounds, but the strategies we devise at Teckler are always designed to get to the root of what those key words are.

Remember, without knowing what keywords you should be targeting, how will you effectively optimize your website’ target phrases for link building? Or know what content to develop for your audience?

How We Do It

We at Teckler have created differing in-house keyword Research tools to help us identify behaviours and trends amongst Google and Bing for what the end user is searching for, this includes keyword ranking for optimization. With these metrics we can accurately optimise your websites keywords to ensure you are showing up for the desired search terms.

We get your site showing up in search terms using accurate research, with long tail key words and seed key words, we are able to get a defined working on which words will become your weapons for success in the digital sphere. We also conduct research into and analyse competitors key words to give us a greater understanding of your particular industry as a whole, rooting out the lesser terms and creating a list of carefully chosen ‘golden’ words that we then work into your site and ensure that these will help your site navigate its way higher in search results.

Doing this on your own can have you stumbling in the dark, so at Teckler we like to impart knowledge and information to our clients throughout the entire process. SEO keyword planning and research gives us and your site a head start in locking in a successful digital marketing campaign, which will inevitably get your business brand the attention you want it to have.

The SEO keyword planning and research we offer at Teckler forms part of a wider digital marketing plan we devise for clients. In reality, what this does is become the lynchpin of the overall marketing strategy, without it, it be near impossible to assess and make real a coherent plan of action for your business.

Boost Your Conversation

Another primary aspect of any good SEO keyword planning and research strategy is Keyword intent. Teckler understands that this is undoubtedly the most important concept when it comes to keyword research. What it boils down to is helping you meet the users’ needs better and match your content and landing pages to their intentions. Analyzing keywords by intent is our first step when diagnosing conversion issues related to search referrals.

Keyword intent covers a broad sweep in order to boost your conversation rate, these include navigational keywords, informational keywords, commercial investigation keywords and transitional keywords, each have a specific purpose and each are geared towards enhancing the conversation at every step.