6 Best Antiviruses for Linux 2021

Using computing devices connected to the internet network is a very common thing these days. Practically everyone in the family has a device in their own hands that they would like to explore while feeling safe at all times. We use laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones all the time for our office work, business projects, entertainment and other tasks. These devices can fall prey to hacking and cybersecurity threats at any point in time if the network that they are connected to is not secure. Hence, it is very important that you make use of an antivirus program that can offer complete protection for all the devices that you use in your family. 

A lot of people have the idea that antivirus programs are more suited for large businesses as it involves a sizeable investment. However, it is essential that you have all the computers in your home perfectly secured from infiltration as this can not only compromise the online as well as physical security of your family members but also lead to data theft which can lead to a substantial financial loss for you. You also need to have parental controls in order to make sure that your children do not get access to any kind of adult or unsafe content. This is why it is important that you get an antivirus program for your whole family. 

Instead of buying a separate unit of antivirus for all the individual members of the family, it is a good idea that you get a family package that is going to provide you with protection for everyone. This decision is not only convenient for you but can also serve as the most cost-effective option for your needs. However, finding a good antivirus for your family can be a real challenge as not all of them are really up to the mark. In fact, many of the antivirus products that are useful for individual home use or business use may not be suitable for wholesome family use. Therefore, you should make sure that you pick out one of the best antiviruses for families that can do you and your loved ones a world of good.
Here is a list of the best antivirus software for families in 2021. 

A big problem that many Linux users face is that they are sometimes tricked into downloading adware, malwares and spywares that are promoted as antivirus programs. There are also an increasing number of Linux-specific malwares that must be taken seriously. There are worms that can exploit the vulnerabilities in a Linux system to infect the IoT (Internet of Things) devices and routers. That is why business firms that work with Linux based computers must take all the necessary steps to make sure that they always stay protected against the different types of malware programs. It is essential for Linux users real-time malware protection, but people are often not sure how to get that. 

It is to be noted that business firms, especially the small and medium-sized companies are often victims of cybercrimes. Hence you must make sure that all the systems in your office are protected. In case any specific server or workstation connected to your network becomes a victim of some malware attack or security threat, it can eventually compromise the functioning of your whole business. A special type of deadly software called ransomware poses a major threat to Linux based operating systems and the machine that run them. A South Korean business firm in 2017 had to make the largest ransomware payment of all time, i.e. $1 million once the hackers captured their Linux-based computing systems.

You are going to come across a lot of unreliable details and information online when it comes to Linux antivirus software. A number of platforms will get you convinced that you do not even need to have an antivirus software in your Linux computer. There are also a lot of online articles that provide people with a list of antivirus programs without really telling them anything about antivirus programs that are suited for Linux systems and those that are suitable for Mac and Windows computers. Therefore you must do a thorough research to find out which antivirus program is going to suit you perfectly when you are working with a Linux based system. 

Here is a list of the best Antiviruses for Linux 2021.

1. ESET NOD32 Antivirus

The ESET NOD32 Antivirus program is definitely one of the best antivirus programs for Linux that you can get for your system. Typically the antivirus industry operates in such a way that most of the programs in this sector cater to the needs of business enterprises. However, the ESET NOD32 Antivirus program for Linux has been designed to address the security needs for the home based Linux users. The great thing about the ESET NOD32 Antivirus software is that it is very convenient to set up. Most users who have used ESET NOD32 agree about the fact that it is by far the most user friendly antivirus program for Linux based computers.

Even though ESET is not really the most well known cyber security and antivirus brand in the industry, their antivirus for Linux has consistently scored brilliantly in numerous independent tests. This has naturally led to the growth of the ESET market over the years. Currently there are millions of users all across the world that strongly recommends ESET NOD32 when it comes to having security for Linux based operating systems. The antivirus engine of ESET NOD32 makes use of the ThreatSense.NET Early Warning System. The ThreatSense.NET Early Warning System collects data continually on new malware types and behaviors from the ESET users. It then shares all such data across the entire ESET network so that all types of emerging threats are detected and resolved before they can cause trouble for the users. 

Similar to most of the other antivirus programs made for Linux, the ESET NOD32 Antivirus does not have a lot of features on it. You will find that the Windows based antivirus brands like TotalAV and Norton are equipped with more features that what you can typically find with ESET NOD32 Antivirus. You may even get ID theft protection and VPN access with those brands. However, it is this very lack of features that makes ESET NOD32 Antivirus so great for Linux users. It actually makes the program easy to install, use, customize, manage and configure. The user interface that comes with ESET NOD32 Antivirus is very lightweight, intuitive and simple. Moreover, you can also get high end real-time protection with ESET NOD32 Antivirus that is further empowered by scheduled and on-demand scans.  

2. Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

When you are looking to secure a large number of desktops or workstations in your office that are connected to a network, then it is very important that you get an antivirus program that is worthy of such a task. Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security is one of the best antivirus programs in the world right now, making it possible for large, medium and small business enterprises to keep their systems perfectly secure against all kinds of advanced and complex cyber security threats. As a market leader in the antivirus industry, Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security can deliver optimum security solutions for all types of business enterprises. In fact, it can offer protection to up to a 100 computing systems or workstations. 

After you have installed the Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security, you can work with the antivirus program to perform a complete “Vulnerabilities Assessment” which can help you to make sure that your system as well as the network is perfectly secure from any breach of security. You can also see to it that all the staff members have properly configured their working devices so that there are no technical hassles. The antivirus engine that comes with Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security is equipped with some of the best features that you can expect from a modern antivirus. This makes threat-detection so simple and complete. Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security also has got the patented Process Inspector which can easily detect the “fileless malware” which is a highly common security risk these days. The fileless malware can directly inject itself into the memory space of an application without actually downloading any kind of malicious files. Process Inspector does not run scans for the malicious files but it cleverly makes use of machine learning features to find and terminate all the suspicious processes throughout all the applications that are running on your system’s network.


3. Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Linux

If you are seeking a program that can be labeled as an excellent Linux antivirus solution for home users as well as for business houses, then you should definitely go ahead with the Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Linux. Kaspersky is one of the most well known cyber security brands in the world and they offer comprehensive protection for computers that work with Linux operating systems. If you want to take up a complete endpoint security approach within your hybrid IT work environment where certain workstations are using Linux OS and others are running Mac OS or Windows, then you can definitely Kaspersky Endpoint Security for having the maximum endpoint security at all times of the day. 

One of the best things about the Linux program offered by Kaspersky is that it can integrate seamlessly with other Kaspersky products that can work on some of the other platforms. You can have your system administrators work centrally as they keep on setting tasks remotely, configuring system scans as well as managing the security policies. These changes that you have your administrators implement for you can then start taking effect on all the terminals irrespective of the operating systems that they are based on. Another great thing about the Kaspersky Endpoint Security is that it can offer comprehensive protection for the Linux servers against all possible types of ransomware attacks. Kaspersky Endpoint Security is empowered with “anti-cryptor technology” for scanning the stored files continuously so that all manner unauthorized encryptions are detected and blocked immediately. This means that possible ransomware attacks are detected and resolved at the very early stages. 

The Kaspersky Endpoint Security program is lightweight and extremely easy to use which means that you can use it without any worries. You do not have to restart your computer or get the application configured manually. All the endpoints of your business can be secured powerfully with the Kaspersky Endpoint Security program and you do not need to rely on your employees operating in a specific way to safeguard your systems and network from a breach. 

4. Sophos Antivirus for Linux

Sophos Antivirus for Linux is a powerful antivirus for Linux systems. It can provide you with protection against all kinds of malware programs that you can think of. It is also free for use for 1 single device. If you want, you can use it for some time to see how it is working out for you. Once you think you like the level of protection that it has to offer, you can choose to upgrade for a more centralized management of several workstations in your office. You can also benefit from additional support options when you choose to get a licensed version of the application.

Users choosing to operate on a file server running on Linux can definitely benefit from using the Sophos Antivirus for Linux as they do not need to keep on worrying about the viruses that are specifically designed to infiltrate the Linux systems. The program can also easily detect malwares and dangerous f files and applications meant for infecting and damaging other operating systems. This means that it is suitable for a hybrid workspace. The Sophos Antivirus for Linux really excels at performing cross-platform functionality, this protecting Linux system and computers but all other systems that are connected to it, irrespective of their native operating systems.

One of the benefits of using the Sophos Antivirus for Linux is that it can readily detect malwares with the help of advanced heuristics. Even before the suspicious files can get access inside your network or your system, they can be detected and destroyed within a specifically isolated virtual machine. They can also be decompiled so that Sophos Antivirus can analyze their code. The great thing about Sophos Antivirus is that it is one of the most user friendly antivirus programs that you will find in the market right now.

Apart from getting top of the line malware protection from Bitdefender Mobile Security, you can also benefit from a wide range of other advantages like autopilot, app lock, account privacy, and integrated VPN. The autopilot feature can enable you to constantly scan the Android device to see if there is any kind of suspicious activity. The account privacy feature lets you find out any kind of online account credentials that may have been leaked in some kind of data breach. The app lock component can allow you to lock the banking apps, social media apps, messaging apps and other apps with a highly secure PIN code so that all crucial data stays protected. The integrated VPN can present you with 200 MB of free data every day. You can also get a good speed with the VPN that comes with Bitdefender Mobile Security. 

However, you can sometimes find some bothering instances with the Bitdefender Mobile Security. For instance, the app can crash from time to time and this can be annoying. Nevertheless, you can still find that the cloud-based scanning feature is really good for your virus scanning requirements. Apart from the free version of the app, there is also a paid version which can deliver you highly competent performance for your day to day security requirements.

5. Comodo Antivirus for Linux

Comodo Antivirus for Linux is a great antivirus for anyone who is looking to find a good antivirus program for their home. It is widely regarded as a very powerful antivirus program. It’s a very easy to use antivirus program which can provide you with excellent protection against different kinds of malwares. The only pitfall with the Comodo Antivirus for Linux is that a few years ago Comodo stopped offering support for their Linux users and this can be a source of bother for many people. Nevertheless, you can be sure of the fact that Comodo Antivirus for Linux is definitely a powerful product in its own right. 

It offers excellent real-time malware protection for Linux computing systems. There is also a firewall along with a mail gateway for blocking malicious files that may enter your network. This mail gateway is compatible with Sendmail, Postfix, Exim and qmail. The antivirus engine used by Comodo works with “Default Deny Protection”. Instead of checking the files against some list of specific virus definitions, the antivirus engine of Comodo can sandbox the unknown files. Such a process denies access to a file from getting into the critical areas of your system as long as it can prove that it is definitely harmless. The Comodo Antivirus for Linux also works with tools for real-time behavior analysis. So if you want, you can easily and automatically upload different types of new files to the Comodo remote servers so that they can be analyzed by the Comodo’s security team.

6. F-Secure Linux Security

The F-Secure Linux Security is yet another robust and efficient antivirus program that provides high end malware protection across numerous types of Linux distributions. If you are looking to work with different kinds of tools that require advanced and comprehensive malware protection, you can rely on F-Secure Linux Security to provide that for you. You can choose among two versions of the F-Secure Linux Security. The Full Edition of F-Secure Linux Security can offer you an extensive range of features that are suitable for all modern Linux based systems. For instance, you can have complete real-time malware protection with the F-Secure Linux Security program. It also functions through a solid graphical user interface (GUI). The program also offers complete centralized control over the terminals with the F-Secure installed. The real-time protection feature offered by F-Secure Full Edition runs silently at all times in the background in order to protect the system against viruses. You can also have a full and detailed report of all the system activities. Another feature of the F-Secure Full Edition is “Integrity Checking”. This helps to monitor your Linux system to detect any signs of intrusion or attacks. If the F-Secure antivirus detects the presence of any unauthorized changes to the monitored kernels or files, it is going to send an alert to the administrator.

There is also a Command Line Edition that comes with F-Secure Linux Security antivirus program. This version runs through the command line without any GUI. It also does not offer any real-time protection. You can only get manual as well as scheduled scanning with this program. The F-Secure Linux Security Command Line Edition can enable the administrators to perform regular scans through the command line. Therefore you can benefit from the powerful malware detection features of the program, but it does not have the real-time monitoring of the Full Edition. It also lacks the easy to use interface associated with the Full Edition.

🤔 Does Linux need an antivirus?

Just like any other type of operating system, even a computer that runs on a Linux operating system must also have an antivirus to stay protected from malwares. There was a time when it was difficult for hackers to breach the security of a Linux OS. However, things have changed over the years and now it has more or less the same kind of vulnerability as any other type of OS. The great user friendly features of Linux operating systems have made it very popular these days. Nevertheless, with such wider acceptance and usage of Linux operating systems, many hackers have found ways to breach their security features. Therefore it is very important that you choose to use antivirus programs that can deliver you optimum levels of cyber security.
There are some people who believe that an antivirus software is not necessary for Linux OS. However, they cannot be farther away from the truth. Literally hundreds and thousands of malware threats that are specific to Linux have already been found. Hence it is very important that you have a powerful antivirus loaded into your system that can detect suspicious processes and files so that they can be removed before they cause any kind of serious harm to the computing system.

🤔 What’s the best antivirus for Linux?

To tell you the truth, the perfect antivirus for Linux is going to depend on the ways in which you choose to use the Linux operating system.
If you are looking to use your Linux operating system at your home, then it is good to have some additional security as it can provide you with the peace of mind that you seek. In such cases, you can definitely opt for the ESET NOD32 Antivirus as it is a flexible and perfectly easy-to-use antivirus for your Linux computer. This antivirus can keep the Linux device at your home free from both basic as well as advanced level malware attacks.
On the other hand, if you are a person who likes to use his Linux system within a business context, it is very important that you maintain optimum safety for all the data and files that you are working with. This is not just essential for your own needs but you also owe such safety to other people working for your company, your brand as a whole and all the customers that you need to attend to on a regular basis. Under such circumstances, you can use the Bitdefender Gravityzone Business Security as it is a truly excellent Linux antivirus solution that you can have for your computer. With this program, you can have optimum levels of security for all the workstations and servers that you have in your office. If you have a substantially larger business firm, then you can opt for Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Linux as it can protect all the devices connected to your network.

🤔 What’s the best antivirus for Linux Ubuntu?

If you are using a Linux computer for your home, you should definitely use the ESET NOD32 as it is definitely the best antivirus for Linux Ubuntu. While it is not really easy to get hold of an Ubuntu antivirus that is both powerful and user-friendly, ESET NOD32 does the job perfectly well. So when you get ESET NOD32 installed in your Linux Ubuntu system, you can stay protected from all kinds of malwares and security threats.
If you are looking to use Linux Ubuntu for your business needs, you should go with Bitdefender Gravityzone Business Security as it is an ideal antivirus solution that can help you to maintain fully centralized control as well as security over all the Linux Ubuntu workstations that are connected to the network. It is important that you should not use the Comodo Antivirus program for Linux if you are working with a Linux Ubuntu system. This is so because the Comodo Antivirus program is not compatible with Ubuntu versions that are released after April 2012.