10 Free Online Virus Scanners You Can Trust

Free Online Virus Scanners

What is the best online virus scanner?

Having a good antivirus program is key to staying safe online. There are countless viruses, malware programs, and other nasty bits of software floating around on the Internet that can wreak all kinds of havoc on your computer. Here is a list of the 10 best free online virus scanners available for free.

1. VirusTotal

VirusTotal is a free browser-based virus scanner that is known for its massive database of known malware and other threats. It has the ability to scan files and URLs on the fly for suspected viruses or malware, allowing you to stay secure without slowing down your work.

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2. BitDefender Quick Scan

BitDefender Quick Scan is an app-based virus scanner that checks for viruses and malware via remote servers. This allows it to scan your system for threats without affecting your computer’s performance.

To use BitDefender, you simply need to download a small app from their website and run it. As a dedicated online virus checker, it can scan your system for viruses and malware in less than one minute, making it a great option for those who want to stay protected without spending too much time.

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3. Jotti’s Malware Scan

Jotti’s Malware Scan is an online virus scanner that allows you to upload files to check for infections. This dedicated online virus checker not only allows you to scan up to five files at once, it allows you to upload files up to 50 MB in size.

In addition to this, Jotti’s Malware Scan checks your files against a number of antivirus databases that are continuously updated. This makes it a good option if you want to scan individual files for threats.

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4. ESET Online Scanner

ESET Online Scanner may be the best online virus scanner available today. Users merely need to download the ESET app, a 7 MB file, to their computers to get started. Once opened, ESET Online Scanner can be run through your browser.

ESET Online Scanner is not only able to scan your computer but can check removable media, such as flash drives, for viruses and malware.

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5. NoDistribute

NoDistribute is a free online virus scanner that boasts over 35 antivirus databases, allowing you to check your files for viruses and malware with pinpoint accuracy. It is also compatible with a wide variety of different file formats, including ZIP and RA files.

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6. VirSCAN

VirSCAN is another free virus scanner that is ideal for those who want to scan small files quickly and easily. VirSCAN allows you to scan files up to 20 MB in size, and it also allows you to scan password-protected files and folders. It also scans your files through multiple antivirus databases.

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7. URLVoid

URLVoid is a free online virus scanner that is designed to check websites to ensure they are safe to visit. If you are unsure if a link is safe to click on or if a website contains malware, you can copy and paste the link onto URLVoid’s website to get a free report.

URLVoid examines websites through a number of different blacklist databases and reputation services to locate malware and viruses. It can also detect viruses and malware embedded in downloadable files on websites.

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8. Hybrid Analysis

Hybrid Analysis is one of the most comprehensive free online antivirus tools available. It boasts access to over six dozen antivirus databases, allowing it to scan for almost any type of threat. Hybrid Analysis can also scan almost any type of file, including Microsoft Office files, PDFs, and more.

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9. BullGuard Free Online Virus Scan

BullGuard Free Online Virus Scan is another free online antivirus tool that can be used to check for Trojan horses, viruses, malware, spyware, and other threats. Simply install the BullGuard app on your computer, follow the on-screen instructions, and you can scan your computer quickly and easily.

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10. F-Secure Online Scanner

F-Secure Online Scanner is a lightweight online antivirus tool that is best for those who utilize other security solutions, as this tool is compatible with many other antivirus programs. To use F-Secure Online Scanner, simply download the 10 MB app to your computer, install it, and follow the instructions.

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Paid Antivirus vs. Free Online Scanner

With the plethora of antivirus solutions available on the Internet, you may be wondering if a free solution is sufficient or if you need to upgrade to a paid program.

The best online virus scanner is not a simple question to answer; it depends on your personal needs. Most free virus scanners have features that are sufficient for the average user, namely the ability to scan your system rapidly for threats, check individual files, and more.

Additionally, most free antivirus programs have access to regularly updated antivirus databases, allowing them to stay current on the latest malware and keep your devices protected.

Paid antivirus programs have enterprise features that are intended for corporate and heavy-duty users that may not be necessary for casual Internet browsers. Because of this, you may not need to upgrade to a paid antivirus program, since most free antivirus programs are able to protect you.

It’s ultimately up to you to determine what level of protection you need. We recommend doing your own research and figuring out what you need so you can choose what kind of antivirus program to use!

The Best Free Online Virus Scanners: Bottom Line

This is just a small sample of the many free online antivirus programs that are available. However, we recommend these programs because they are easy to use and offer a great suite of features that can protect you and your files.

No matter how you use the Internet, you can find a dedicated online virus checker that is suited to your needs!